San Francisco Sights Magnetic Dry-Erase Memo Board

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xl mahogany SF sites5.png
xl mahogany SF poster3.png
xl mahogany sf poster4.png
xl mahogony SF poster5.png
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San Francisco Sights Magnetic Dry-Erase Memo Board

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Preserve a great memory of your trip to San Francisco with this fun and functional San Francisco themed magnetic dry-erase memo board.  You don't have to live in San Francisco to appreciate all of its great sights and attractions.  The majestic bridges, the waterfront, and the cultural diversity make for a vibrant city that has something for everyone.  Many of those highlights are captured in this board with warm tones of red, cream and blue with illustrations of the bridge and trolley.  Post your favorite San Francisco memorabilia on the magnetic surface or write on the dry erase surface your wish list for sights to see on your next trip.   

  • Magnetic & dry-erase memo board
  • Includes 4 coordinating magnets*
  • Sawtooth hangers pre-installed
  • Compatible with all of our accessories
  • Frame Shown: Cherry Black Step
  • Frame Dimensions: 20 × 26 in / 50.80 × 66.04 cm (will vary with other styles)
  • Usable Area: 18 × 24 in / 45.75 × 61 cm
  • Recommended Marker Pairing: Blue 

*Magnets displayed in listing are representative of what is included with the board.  All magnets will match the theme of the board, but are left up to artist discretion, so may be slightly different, but equally as beautiful as what you see. If you have a specific request for magnet style, or want to be assured you get the magnets shown specifically in the photos, just let me know upon ordering.

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What makes MagnaMemos special?

  • Versatile: The dual-purpose magnetic and dry-erase surface is an inspiration springboard — it’s as adaptable as you are! There’s no wrong way to use your MagnaMemo; keep it simple, or get creative with our unique array of accessories and build yourself a custom organization solution. Whatever your needs and tastes, your board can be adapted to suit you for years to come.
  • Durable and safe: Our premium scratch- and cloud-resistant acrylic has the clarity and elegance of glass, but is lighter-weight and shatterproof.
  • Beautifully styled: MagnaMemos' thoughtfully-combined designer components ensure that each board is a stylish addition to your space, no matter how you use it.
  • Perfect for you: We offer a wide variety of styles, themes, and sizes — even custom!

How do I use my board?
MagnaMemos are a beautiful, creative way to organize and inspire throughout your home and office. The options are virtually endless! Here are some of our favorite uses:

  • Landing Strip: No more running around the house to get your stuff together in the morning! Hang a MagnaMemo in your entryway and accessorize for quick and easy storage of keys, mail, to-do lists, and other everyday bits and bobs.
  • Information Station: Collect important notes, reminders, schedules, and phone numbers in one central location — ideal for sitters, household helpers, and busy families.
  • Kitchen Hub: One convenient spot for everything from meal planning and grocery lists to coupons and takeout menus. Entertaining? Use your MagnaMemo to display the list of offerings at your dinner party or wine tasting!
  • Inspiration Board: Collect ideas for your next project, vacation, or goal, or display cherished photos, cards, notes, and memorabilia. 
  • Kid’s Corner: Hang art, photos, and tokens from their special memories, or create a responsibility-and-reward chart to help establish good habits — great for potty training, chores, homework, pet care, and more!

What kind of dry erase marker should I use?
MagnaMemos are compatible with all dry-erase markers, but our favorites are chalk markers. Some colors show up better than others on higher-contrast backgrounds, though, and that's why each board has a marker pairing recommendation in its description. These pairings are hand-selected for their beauty and great visibility on the specific design shown. We carry several bold, bright markers that show up very well on busy backgrounds, so don’t be afraid to choose a board that has some pattern to it!